Best careers to pursue in Kenya

Best careers to pursue in Kenya and the most marketable

Here is a list of the top 6 best careers to pursue in Kenya

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Computer science (artificial intelligence)
  • Aviation
  • Engineering
  • Finance and digital marketing
Best careers to pursue in kenya


For one to pursue medicine in Kenya they need to meet the minimum basic requirements set by the commission of university .

For admission into the university as a self-sponsored or government-sponsored through the Kenya University central placement (KUCCPS) the entry grades differ significantly.

Self-sponsored students seeking to pursue medicine

The minimum requirement is first achieving a mean grade of B-(minus ) and above in most universities with a C+ and above in Maths/physics, Languages, Biological science and one humanity/applied science.

Government sponsored requirements

Additionally, for admission into a public university where your education is subsidised you need to at least have scored a minimum mean grade of A(plain) and a cluster points total of 47 and above to have a chance all depending on the number of applicants .

A student admitted to the school of medicine is expected to pursue a Bachelor’s in medicine and surgery

A Bachelor of pharmacy is also considered in the medical field and a cluster point of 47+ is also required to secure government sponsorship in most cases


To pursue a Bachelor of medicine course which takes a minimum of 6 years as a self-sponsored student will be required to dog deep and pay up to $90,000 or Ksh 9,000,000 tuition fee

Universities offering bachelor’s in medicine and surgery in Kenya

Accredited universities in Kenya that offer medicine include

  • The university of Nairobi (chiromo campus)
  • Maseno university(faculty of medicine and surgery )
  • Mount Kenya University

The mentioned are the universities with good records in teaching bachelor of medicine and surgery

They have good facilities and a wide reach of global connections and a reputation for producing outstanding medics


Engineering falls into the category of best careers to pursue in Kenya

In the recent past, students who did not meet the minimum entry requirements to pursue engineering courses found themselves in trouble

The Engineering Board of Kenya (EBK) which is responsible for the registration of qualified engineers in Kenya disapproved of many of the applications

The main reason behind the rejection is pursuing a course without meeting the minimum requirements

The engineering courses offered in Kenya are as follows

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geo-spatial Engineering

Accredited Universities offering engineering courses

  • Dedan Kimathi University of science and technology
  • Technical University of kenya
  • Technical university of Mombasa
  • Jomo Kenyatta university of science and technology
  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

Other engineering niches are born every year in Kenya with chemical engineering topping the list with the highest number of computer engineering and robotic modules integrated into it

3. Aviation

This is one of the most expensive learning industries to venture into, the fees are crazy if not exorbitant

The school of aviation in Kenya still falls under civil engineering and control, the public universities have not heavily invested in it

If you are looking for a dream career as a self-sponsored student then pursue and follow your dream.

In the aviation industry, jobs are unlimited and lucrative

Minimum university entry for a bachelors degree

Minimum mean grade of C+ and C+ and above in all cluster subjects

Best careers to pursue in Kenya – 4.Law

Studying law is not a walk in the Park but at the same time the benefits are massive

The following are the requirements to pursue law in kenya


Minimum entry requirement to public university Mean grade (C+) and B+ and above in English.

For government-sponsored, the Cluster entry points are ranging between 44-45 depending on the applicants and the English parameter remains constant at B+

Best Universities offering law course in kenya

  • The university of Nairobi
  • Mount Kenya University

The above are the most reputable in offering the law degree

After graduating from the University, you will pursue a post-graduate diploma at Kenya school of law to be successfully registered by the Law Society of Kenya and practice as an advocate of the high court .

5. Computer science /AI/Data science

This is a field that will never grow old but will flourish. Kenya and Africa in decades if not centuries to come

The information technology industry is rapidly growing, the data science and artificial intelligence developments are rising with almost all Jobs that human beings performed can now be undertaken by machines

The ‘human mind in machine’ software development or AI requires expertise in computer science and pursuing the career will be such an advantage


self sponsored

Minimum mean grade of C+ and above and C+ in Physics /mathematics /computer science

Government sponsored

The minimum cluster points averages at 44-46, however, don’t pursue information technology just pursue computer science

Most universities offer Computer science in Kenya but I prefer you choose the technical universities that we discussed under Engineering courses, they offer the best training.

Additionally, you can apply for a sponsored master’s degree program after completing your degree in the United States or the UK pursuing Data science and enriching your career

6. Finance and marketing

This is controversial 😊, let me tell you something, the tune is changing in the finance and marketing field

If you have a resolute character then pursue this but if you are faint hearted don’t !

Finance and marketing is one of the best courses, especially with the rise in the number of corporates operating virtually it can increased the number of jobs and opportunities

After pursuing the finance and marketing degree or simply in Kenya it’s Business Administration/management complete your Certified public accounts course

Apply for a local job at a financial institution but never rest

Invest in one of the following digital marketing courses and you will never regret

  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media marketing

The goal post is shifting you have a passion in matters of finance and marketing don’t hesitate you can become a financial executive officer and achieve your dreams in the shortest time possible with the best careers in Kenya.

The sky is the limit

All the best

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